We have experience in development, processing and monitoring of industrial permits.  Our value proposition focuses on integrating the project process (pre construction, construction, commissioning, operation) with the management of permits. This has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the speed of service and the orientation to results.

We have the knowledge and expertise to comply with the environmental, health and safety regulations of an industrial establishment.

  • Environmental processing of projects
  • Sectoral environmental permits
  • Environmental audits

Advising to accept the legal provisions (OGUC, LGUC, decrees, laws, regulations) that allows to start quickly the process of construction and / or operation within the current legal regulations.

  • Pre-Construction
  • Building
  • Operation

We have certified gas installations (SEC), forklift installation (MINVU), test of panels with resistance to fire (IDIEM), electrical installations (SEC).

  • Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels
  • General Fire Department
  • The armed forces
  • Other types of Certifications such as:
    • IDIEM


This methodology aims to ensure the efficient development of the management and processing of permits and ensure compliance with current legal requirements.

Among the main activities are:

  • Legal consulting

  • Specialists in regulations applicable to each permit.

  • Permanent updating of regulations that involve the management of permits.

  • Specialized document Consulting.

  • Propose measures to accelerate each permit.

  • Strong relationships with institutions.

  • Managing changes during construction.

  • Experience in certifications for facilities.

  • Implementation on site for the government institution inspections.